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"Helping aspiring entrepreneurs launch profitable businesses is what I do best."

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Jennifer P. Hopp — Managing Partner, ATO Ventures

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"During the pandemic, many aspiring entrepreneurs attempted to start companies, only to discover that it was not nearly as easy as some influencers like to make it sound. There is plenty of information online telling you WHAT to do, but there isn't enough information on HOW to do it. 

As a successful entrepreneur and experienced startup investor, I knew that this was a problem I could help solve.  I built Valid Startup as an interactive step-by-step program based on my 25+ years of experience starting, running and investing in startups in Silicon Valley. It is designed to help you avoid the costly mistakes most entrepreneurs make when not doing enough validation work before launching."

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Experienced Startup Entrepreneur & Investor

  • Founding CEO of Three Tech Companies

Jennifer started her first company at eight years old and has been working ever since.  Shortly after grad school, she founded a software company called WeMakeItSafer that was backed by Sequoia Capital scouts and later acquired. Jennifer has also been the Founding, Interim CEO for two other tech companies. In both cases, she was brought in to help the company get off the ground and successfully secure funding. "Very Early" is the startup stage Jennifer most enjoys and is definitely her sweet spot.

  • Over 25 Years of Startup Investing Experience

Jennifer began investing in the stock market as a college student. Shortly after graduating, she invested her returns into an early stage, technology Venture Capital fund. She has been involved in startup investing ever since, as an Angel, Limited Partner, Venture Partner and General Partner of various funds, including her own fund, ATO Ventures. Her investments have included  more than ten successful exits.

  • World Class Business Education

Although academics is not the path for everyone, nor is it necessary to be a successful entrepreneur, Jennifer counts herself fortunate to have had the opportunity to earn degrees from two of the world's highest-ranked universities. She obtained two undergraduate degrees in Economics and in Japanese from Oxford University and the University of California at Berkeley. Additionally, Jennifer holds an MBA with certificates in Entrepreneurship and in Management of Technology, also from the University of California at Berkeley.

  • Trusted by Investors and Entrepreneurs 

"Jennifer possesses the qualities we look for in a GP. She has a powerful, unique investment thesis and is rigorous in her vetting process. What makes Jennifer stand out, though, is how well respected she is by, not only the entrepreneurs in her portfolio, but also the entrepreneurship community at large." ~Lo Toney, MP, Plexo Capital 

"I have known Jennifer both personally and professionally for many years and she has always been a source of inspiration. At ATO Ventures, she helped us with customer discovery, validating product-market fit, and making our business more attractive for other investors, which resulted in us closing a multi-million dollar, oversubscribed round last year. She has been always a great resource and helped us think outside the box and think of unique business opportunities. She also connected us to resources inside PR that will facilitate our go to market." ~Maryam Ziaei, CEO, iSono Health

"This is a path of great resistance, persistence and fight against all obstacles; I have found in Jennifer and her team great experience, passion and determination to build Quick Balance together as a world class solution. Also, in every conversation we have, she challenges me and helps me to do my best. This process has been one of the most enriching I have had in my working life." ~Patricia Fallon, CEO, Quick Balance

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