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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Valid Startup program?

Valid startup is an interactive program designed to walk you through the process of building a company, step-by-step, from idea to launch. The core mission of this program is to make sure you don't waste time and money developing products and services that don't have a market (ie, not enough customers willing to pay a sustainable price). The course includes 13 modules and the following tools:


  • Online Software (aka Web App)
  • Digital Workbook
  • Demo Videos
  • Private Group Chat for you and your cohort
  • Additional services provided at the discretion of each Cohort leader.

2. Who developed the program and Why?

Jennifer Hopp, an entrepreneur, angel investor and venture capitalist with over 25 years of startup experience, developed the Valid Startup program. Through each of the modules, she draws on her extensive experience, most notably in identifying and testing revenue models, to help entrepreneurs ensure there is a valid market for their business ideas before spending time and money launching.


In late 2020, Jennifer realized that there wasn't much, if any, content that focused on HOW to do the steps of starting a company. All the information she saw was high-level and generic. At the same time, more people were trying to start companies than ever before.


Producing this program was a short side-step from developing the type of content she determined would be most valuable to aspirating entrepreneurs.

3. How do I join a cohort?

You can either join the Valid Startup Self-Paced Program or find a hosted cohort that fits your needs. View a full list of active cohorts here.

Each of the hosted Cohorts is led by an independent organization. For example, ATO Ventures is currently hosting a virtual incubator for aspiring entrepreneurs and early stage startup founders using the Valid Startup program. 


While you do not need to apply to the Self-Paced Program, most of the hosted cohorts have an application and approval process. You can learn more about each program's requirements by clicking on "See more.." on the Cohorts page

4. Who should join Valid Startup?

Anyone who wants to start a business and isn't sure how, or who has tried to start a business in the past, but struggled, should join.


Successful entrepreneurs who are getting ready to pitch investors for funding should also join a cohort to make sure they did not skip important steps. 


5. How can I use Valid Startup to start my own Incubator?

Valid Startup was built on a robust Learning Management System (LMS) that enables us to have multiple cohorts led by different individuals or organizations. You can use the curriculum and all of the tools to build your own college class, incubator or group coaching program


The system is flexible enough for you to include custom ad-on services and set your own prices, or offer the program for free. You will have your own page to share details and capture sign ups, and your cohort will be listed in our Cohorts catalog.


Contact us at for more information. 

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